Union Street Cafe


by Gordon Ramsay


Role Creative // Storyboard // Pitch // Camera OP // Editor // VFX// SFX // Compositor


Client Royal Doulton


The new Union Street Café range by Gordon Ramsay has a more rustic and handmade feel than previous ranges. artisan approach to food and dishes.

To support the launch of this range we were asked to capture video footage and photography of Gordon on location at Union Street.


Over a 2 day shoot a team of two including myself captured live footage from the kitchen, capturing the look and feel of the restaurant from service to pass, interviewed head chef Davide Degiovanni and filmed

Gordon Ramsay talking about the range and his favourite pieces along with shorter videos of Gordon giving tips and advice on prepping food.

We also shot still life product shots styled with dishes from the restaurantand portrait shots of Gordon were taken in different locations across the restaurant to be used across packaging and POS.