Pitch and edited by Pele


Company Primark


It's that time of year again! We hope you are all ready to blast the excesses of the festive season into oblivion, if not here's a little inspiration... The 2015 Primark Workout campaign.

This years campaign focuses on the 3 stages of exercise - 
1: pre - exercise warm ups and stretches
2: high energy pulse of endurance
3: post workout, cool down and relax








Primark Workout  behind the scenes


Shot by Pelé


Shot with the beautiful city of London as it’s landscape the campaign shows not only the practicality of
the range but also the fashionability and value for money. By using specialist sport models this years
campaign is sure to engage and inspire not only the people that already exercise, but new audiences
ready to start a new challenge. I shot and edited the BTS video as well as co directing the main shoot.